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Preserving the Health and Wisdom of
Elders and Leaders
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The FOUR WORLDS HOLISTIC HEALTH PROGRAMME FOR ELDERS AND LEADERS is dedicated to revitalizing and restoring  the health of Indigenous Elders and  Leaders in Canada, Mexico and the US to preserve and unify their ancestral wisdom for the transformation of their communities and our Human Family.

The Four Pillars

Preserve and optimize the physical health of Elders and Leaders.


Support Soul Healing


Heal intergenerational trauma, internalized oppression

and lateral violence.


Provide a living blueprint for

whole life care.

A Cooperative Effort

Dr. Anita Goel, MD, PhD

Nanobiosym® was founded to create breakthrough scientific insights and transformational technologies that emerge from the convergence of physics, nanotechnology, and biomedicine.


Dr. David Haase, MD

MaxWell Clinic is a center for excellence in Personalized Systems Medicine and provides services and capabilities not available under one roof anywhere else in the world.


Dr. Jeremy Stich, MD

Wild Health provides an in-depth health analysis, a personal care plan, and ongoing, fully customized care - from anywhere


Dr. Samuel Lee, MD

Dr. Lee a certified holistic psychiatrist that teaches a spiritual based mental health discipline. He focuses on natural healing techniques that promote the body's innate ability to heal itself.


Core Services:

  • Four Healing Ceremonies with Psychiatrist, Dr. Samuel Lee MD, FWEHP Medical Director,  Canada, and the United States,  Elder Ejna Fleury, RN, BSN, PHN, MA, FWEHP Program Coordinator, Canada, and the United States, and our FWEHP Healing Team.

  • Develop precision health plan which incorporates:

    • DNA analysis to account for genetic variability

    • Ongoing biomarker testing to establish baseline and track progress

    • Lifestyle medicine to account for epigenetics

  • Provide ongoing health coaching and follow up visits

  • Optimize health over 4-6 Months

  • Create a health maintenance plan once the optimization plan is complete


Ancillary Services (as needed):

  • Mental health consultation

  • Tertiary Services 

    • Red light therapy

    • Ozone treatment

    • Ketamine infusion

    • Exosome treatment,  as needed

    • Peptides

    • Breathwork 

    • Hyperbaric O2 treatment

    • IV vitamin & NAD

  • Tracks

    • Brain Optimization track. To prevent or delay neurocognitive decline or for people who want to optimize their cognitive performance.

    • Exercise and Athletic Optimization track. Training on proper recovery, fueling, utilizing biohacks and tech to increase your performance.

    • Mindfulness track. For people interested in mindfulness.  This entails much more than mindfulness as we can’t separate the body from the mind.  So, the focus will be on mindfulness, but motivational interviewing, nutrition and many other factors will be focused on as well.

    • Gut Health track. For people looking to resolve gut issues or looking to optimize diet and gut.

    • Longevity track. For people who are interested in extending healthspan, not just lifespan.

  • Electroacupuncture and Vibrational Medicine with Dr. Jeremy Stich



  • Obtain medical history, labs, and DNA labs pre-journey

  • Schedule all appointments for Tennessee-based activities in conjunction with Clarogenic Family Care Center and with 

  • Obtain baseline body scan (WH), brain map MW), endocalyx assessment (MW + WH),  biologic age, and biomarkers (WH) prior to Ceremony

  • Schedule initial appointment and present optimization plan (post-ceremony)

    • Obtain baseline markers and medical history 

    • Initial visit, identify goals and optimization plan for 4months

  • Retesting biomarkers prn Q2mo

  • Recheck body scan Q2-3mo 

  • The transition from health optimization to maintenance plan in 4-6 months

  • Ongoing health coaching to drive implementation.


Image a World where all Members of Our Human Family

Hold Hands in Oneness under the Sacred Tree,

the School of Ancient Knowledge.

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