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Custodians of the Earth
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The FOUR WORLDS ENVIRONMENTAL RESTORATION PROGRAM (FWERP) is a cooperative effort to revitalize, restore and optimally enhance the natural habitats of Mother Earth in diverse bioregions around the world, including the Amazon, Canada & the US

Monitoring Environmental Destruction in Ecuador

High-Speed Internet has been installed in three Indigenous communities in Putumayo, Ecuador, on the border of Ecuador and Columbia.


48 Clear United Cellphones, 16 for each community, and six drones, one daytime and nighttime infrared drone for night surveillance, are on their way for each community.


This model will be expanded throughout the Amazon so that the Indigenous peoples of the Amazon can bring their voices, eyes, ears, and vision to all members of our Human Family and help end the destruction of the Lungs of Mother Earth.

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The Indigenous Guardians are the protectors and custodians of this territory.


"We must monitor the regenerative agriculture of our forests. As we carry out our traditional practices, we continue to be the stewards of life. We seek to protect and defend our future generations, including plant life and wild animal life. 


We intend to regenerate our land supported by technical assistance and the installation of a community nursery to reproduce plant medicine, fruit trees, carbon-capturing, water-receiving trees, and its seeds."


Our Indigenous guardians are seeking international cooperation and  support, as well as the integration of volunteers to exchange traditional knowledge with technological knowledge in the use of cell phones and Drones.


For monitoring and territorial control, having people trained on social media platforms will help to improve the national and international communication. It will also facilitate the use and access of drones for surveillance of a territory of approximately 2450 hectares. 


Image a world where all members of our human family hold hands in oneness under the sacred tree, the school of ancient knowledge.

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