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Peace is in all of us
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This Global Civilization, as visualized, will consist of:

A new Global Governing System, rooted locally, organized, and scaled bio-regionally, and synergized globally. The members of this new Global Governing System must be elected in a non-partisan principle-centered manner.

One of the key responsibilities of this Global Governance System, with free, prior, and informed consent will be to steward and ensure the sustainable and harmonious development of our global resources and cultures. Another key responsibility will be enacting such laws as shall be required to regulate life, satisfy the needs, and adjust the relationships of all elements of the Human Family.


The extremes of wealth and poverty will be limited and brought into balance, with the spiritual and moral understanding that every Human Being has the fundamental right to clean water to drink, healthy food to eat, health care, adequate housing, universal education, and freedom of worship and expression.

This rebalancing results from the recognition that each one of us is part of a Whole Living System and Design, fashioned by Our Creator to shelter the sacred flame of Life and shine everlastingly with its radiant beauty.

Again, with free, prior, and informed consent as a fundamental organizing principle, this Global Governance System will carry out the decisions and apply the laws enacted, safeguarding the organic unity of a Global Commons.


Through the use of blockchain and other emerging DLT technologies, we will multiply our capacity to govern interdependently. Blockchain can perform the core functions of governing bodies and can act as recorders, organizers, restrictors, and incentivize structures of human activity.

“Smart contracts'' enable better structured, more inclusive decision making, they can handle well-defined tasks, and their supervision and coordination can be handled by the crowd. Blockchain offers the potential for a systemic way to solve collective action problems.


These prophecies clearly stated, long before the innovation of the internet, that a mechanism of world inter-communication would be devised, embracing all of Mother Earth, freed from national hindrances and restrictions, and functioning with marvelous swiftness and perfect regularity. The elders called it the “Everywhere Spirit made physically manifest.” They said that all that had been covered up and hidden during the long spiritual wintertime would be revealed at this time. A new understanding of security, accountability, and trust would become transparent, with honesty and integrity, as it was in days gone past.


A world language will evolve from among all our Human Family’s existing languages. This world language will be taught in the schools of all the nations in addition to their mother tongue. A world script, world literature, a uniform and universal system of currency, of weights and measures, will simplify and facilitate unity and understanding among all the nations and peoples of the Human Family.

2021 -2025 Goals

1.   TO SUPPORT the emergence of the "Seventh Generation", and the Equally of Women and Men, as long prophesied, by fostering youth and women's participation, leadership, wisdom and contributions in all decision-making processes impacting life on Mother Earth.



2.   TO ESTABLISH an Indigenous Bank of the Americas (IBA), owned, controlled and led by Indigenous Peoples. The IBA will unify the strength of the financial and natural assets of Indigenous Peoples for supporting sustainable and harmonious development. One of the fundamental focuses of the IBA will be the support of poverty alleviation initiatives in Indigenous Communities and beyond for balancing the extremes of wealth and poverty, including the equality of economic and social opportunities for women and men.



3.   TO PROTECT AND RESTORE Sacred Sites for ceremonial use, including the repatriation of cultural and ceremonial effects to Indigenous Peoples of origin. To support unified actions that educate and ensure that Indigenous arts and cultural expressions of the Sacred are portrayed in the media in a respectful manner.  



4.  TO UNIFY networks of Indigenous Peoples and Allies to galvanize solidify and realize the Reunion of the Condor, Quetzal, and the Eagle across the Americas and beyond. This unification includes actualizing further International Indigenous Treaties like the International Treaty to Protect the Sacred from Tar Sands Projects,  the International Treaty the Salish Sea and the International Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth.


These International Treaties include the implementation and fulfillment of International Trade Agreements between Indigenous Peoples and Nations and direct Trade Agreements with the other Nation States.  This commit includes restoring, promoting and protecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples through National Covenants like the Compromiso Politico in Panama and International Indigenous rights. This commitment includes the full,  legal implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, globally, in consultation with Indigenous Peoples , with particular emphasis on the principle of free, prior and informed consent!



5.   TO HALT the destruction of the lands, waters, life and cultures of Mother Earth by extraction industries that are destroying the lands, waters and Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth.  To replace them with alternative energies, including solar, the wind, tide, and geothermal, as well as, other green technologies on both the macro and community levels.



6.  TO ESTABLISH AND MAINTAIN Bioregional Marine Sanctuaries across the Americas, as soon as possible. Bioregional Marine Sanctuaries are named areas of Earth, Water and Air where natural animal populations are protected and restored to more than 50% of historic levels as soon as possible, and water quality and forest biomass levels are preserved and restored to very high concentrations. Bioregional Marine Sanctuary boundaries correspond to natural features such as watershed topography, vegetation types, oceanic continental shelves, and margins, including all rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds, estuaries and aquifers.



7.   TO PROTECT AND RESTORE the use of Indigenous plants, medicines, and sciences, including the further establishment of Indigenous healing and educational centers, along with the integration and promotion of cutting-edge medical research and treatment, like Stem Cells, for holistic healing.


8.  TO PROMOTE the unprecedented, unified actions of the American Science and Engineering Society, Compassion Games International, the United Religions Initiative, the Shift Network and the Help Foundation of the Women’s and Children’s Foundation of Beijing, in their dedicated efforts toward creating a more compassionate, just, sustainable and harmonious world.

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